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Removing the asbestos looked easy compared to the load of paperwork your team had to fill out onsite. Thank you for a job well done, I took lots of pictures of the guys looking like spacemen entering my house, The experience was good.

Dakota Rubin


I am happy to recommend you for the prompt service you provided, from the first phone call through to the report I received, it worked like clockwork, and your staff are smart and very helpful.

Nathaniel Irvine


You guys were good, would be helpful if your mobiles were always switched on, but I understand they can’t be all the time. You did call me back though. Clean job, I was surprised and how clean you make it.

Dominic McDonell


Tradie recommendations

Great service. I appreciate all of the information you gave to my insurance company, they were also very impressed that you documented and took a photos. My luck changed for the better when I called your company.

Zoola Derby


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Asbestos is scary enough without being a painful exercise to try and obtain quotes! Asbestos Watch provides a better way to have your asbestos quoted and removed, quality removal, best price, its what we all want.

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We are not only popular with homeowners, but we also have a large following of commercial project managers, Property Maintenance Managers, Schools and a lot more. We appeal to anyone who wants to cut out the hassle of ringing around trying to secure multiple quotes. One call to us, and our contractors  will call you!

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